World’s Best WordPress Hosting

World's Best WordPress Hosting

Do you get emails that “Your website appears to be offline or unresponsive” or “Your site appears to be down”?

I used to get these messages each week. It is due to bandwidth restrictions from our hosting provider. I have used Bluehost, Hostinger, and many other hosting providers. But I faced the same problem with almost all hosting providers.

Due to this problem, Google never ranked my website a good ranking because if a website goes down in a week or month, then Google will penalize that website.

Google checks a website with more than 200 parameters, and if it finds that a website is not responding per these parameters, then Google does not send organic traffic to that website.

In that case, if Google checks and finds that my website has restricted bandwidth, then google will only direct traffic to as much as my website can handle. And with restricted bandwidth, it will get significantly less traffic.

This analysis I performed with my website,,, and

Then I checked my website from my developer for any issues with my website. He studied and found no problems with the website.

After a few months, I talked to one of my friends and discussed my problem, and He also maintains a few websites. Then he suggested I should try this hosting provider.

As he was getting outstanding results with this hosting provider, I purchased their hosting plan for one of my websites initially.

Customer Support

Their support is superb. They helped me migrate my website as I am not a tech guy. They have a plugin to migrate your WordPress website if you want to do it yourself.

Their support is available almost 24X7 except for international holidays. They usually reply within five to seven minutes.


You can easily migrate your WordPress website if you want. You need to upload that plugin to your existing website and insert some credentials from your new Hosting provider. And your job will be complete.

Their user interface is so good that even a child can handle it. Their navigation is superb. You can create your account with Facebook, Linkedin, GitHub, Google, and WordPress.

You can easily find out How many Visits and storage are available for your website.

Note:- Pressable counts a unique visitor as 1 visit. So it is better than other hosting providers.

You can also track multiple sites’ usage (Total visits + Total storage) on the same page if you have multiple sites.

You can easily track your invoices on the same page.

Want Deeper Insights?

You can generate deeper Insights reports from Pressable. You can easily export the report from Pressable.

You can easily create Professional Email with your hosting provider with easy steps.

You get a lot of features with Pressable Professional Email Hosting. Email Creation, 24X7 support, Intuitive Calender, Undo Send Feature, Follow-Up Reminders, Email Aliases, Advanced Search tools, Catch-All Email, 100% reliability, Superior Security, Email Data Migration, and Easy Mobile Access.

After using Pressable for one year, I migrated all my websites to Pressable.

WordPress Hosting Plans

Pressable comes with many upgradable plans with your fingertips available at your Pressable Dashboard. You can choose any plan anytime and upgrade or downgrade with a single click.

If These ads-ons are insufficient, you can also upgrade to Available Pressable Upgrades Plan.

You can pay with Credit Cards and Debit Cards with International payments enabled.

Try Pressable Playground

You can try Pressable Playground for Free. You can check the program settings there. It will give you an overview of the Pressable platform.

For WordPress Speed You Need Pressable


Pressable is the best WordPress Hosting with stats. The user interface is crystal clear for users. They provide the best in class live support. Sometimes they provide discounts also, so shortly if there is some I will add that for your people’s information.

You guys are amazing; Keep reading, learning, and growing.

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