Traffic Ad Bar is a great way to get FREE website traffic.

Traffic Ad Bar (TAB) is a traffic exchange where you can make money at home by visiting websites. It has been around since 2009 and still going. It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or a professional; Traffic Ad Bar is straightforward to use, and the site is in English.

If you are looking for an online advertising program to help you promote your website and make money, you may want to look at the Traffic ad bar. This program is free to join and offers two ways to market your website. The first method is actively promoting your site.

Through a series of emails, you can send traffic to your website. Also, it has a level ladder system that will reward you for completing various actions.

Traffic Ad Bar

After signing up, you can create your ad. Once you’ve written it, click on the Publish button. Then, click on Submit. After submission, you can start receiving traffic right away. You can even choose to get paid for the traffic. You’ll earn cash when you refer other users to the program.

The traffic that comes from the program is generated from various websites. Every page has a TAB banner link, which displays ads and banners. Although this method is effective for gaining referrals, it can be distracting.

You’ll need to see a lot more sites to earn enough cash. As a result, the amount of traffic generated is much lower than that of the other methods. This talkontable article will discuss the Traffic Ad Bar and how it works.

What is Traffic Ad Bar?

Traffic Ad Bar is a traffic exchange program that uses a ladder system. Each member receives a daily email that lists their advertising activities. The ladder resets every three days, and members are rewarded based on their levels.

The ladder is a way to encourage you to surf the internet and earn money. This program offers four levels. The first level is free to join and uses a ladder system.

The program was launched in 2009 and has been a popular tool. The main difference between this program and other traffic exchange sites lies in its level ladder structure. The level ladder system requires you to watch ads from other members and surf websites to earn.

The more points you generate, the higher your ranking on the level ladder and the more automated traffic you can receive. Bonus hits are given for every 25 websites you visit and click on daily. To get upgraded, you must be a member of the network.

What Is The Importance of Collecting TrafficAdBar Points?

I will simplify the subject for you, the more points =, the more traffic (visits) to your websites/affiliate links, = the more chances to generate sales, followers, or sign-up referrals. In addition to this, your adverts can automatically receive hits inside and outside the Traffic Ad Bar platform. You can gain visitors, direct referrals, and commissions by doing nothing and for free!

I must mention that it depends on the number of points that you have collected to boost and move up the level ladder. However, if you have no time to surf sites to get these features, you can upgrade your account (monthly/yearly) at any time you want. Traffic Ad Bar is free to join and work. Members are eligible to work or even earn unlimited commissions without the need to purchase anything, and all the upgrades provided are optional.

How to Make Money from Traffic Ad Bar

The Traffic Ad Bar referral program is a great way to earn money. When you sign up for a new referral, you can earn 35% of your earnings. Furthermore, if your referral upgrades, you will get a commission.

Another way to earn money with the program is to promote the site externally. You can promote the system on your website with a banner ad, earning you points.

In addition to the bonuses, the Traffic Ad Bar program is an excellent way to promote your site or affiliate links. The traffic exchange system works by linking your site to people.

You can then use this referral link to earn a commission. The bonus system will encourage you to surf longer and earn more money. If you use the bonus system, you’ll earn more money.

Referral system in Traffic Ad Bar

First, go to your dashboard or the left menu under Referrals; you can find your referral link there. Share it everywhere and get as many direct referrals as possible; there is no limit. The best part is that this site uses cookies, which means: if visitors click on your link today, for the next 30 days, even if they sign up to Traffic Ad Bar, regardless of how they got to the site (by Google, for example), they become your direct referrals thanks to the cookies algorithm.

How to withdraw in Traffic Ad Bar?

The moment you reach $5, you can request a payout. Just go to the left menu, under your account, under settings. As I mentioned earlier, Traffic Ad Bar uses only bank transfers. If it is your first time requesting a payout, an email will arrive from TAB’s bank, you have to enter your bank details, and the rest is done automatically. The following payout request will be made directly; no need for any more information.

Benefits of Using Traffic Ad Bar

The traffic exchange program has many benefits, but you need to register to get these benefits. To make the most of this program, promote it and make money. You can also promote your website through the program. Besides, you can also earn more than one thousand points for free.

A traffic ad bar is an online advertising platform that lets you place your ads on other sites. It also has a level ladder to climb to get more exposure and cash rewards. Once you have enough points, you can start earning without any work.

The key is to sign up for the traffic exchange program, add your website, and write your ad. After that, you can list your ad and link it to other people’s websites.

The Traffic Ad Bar is the most popular of these traffic exchange sites, and you can earn up to 35% commission on each referral. The program works by advertising on various websites and traffic exchanges to expect free and recurring traffic.

But is Traffic Ad Bar worth the Money?

Yes, it is worth the money and one of the most profitable online.

If you want to make money with a traffic exchange, the best way to start is by signing up for Traffic Ad Bar, and it is worth trying out if you’re looking for a legitimate traffic exchange.

Using the site regularly is the only way to maximize your Traffic Ad Bar earnings. You’ll need to create a compelling landing page for your referrals. If you can convince them to upgrade their accounts, they’ll automatically start receiving commissions, which are paid monthly.

You can promote your links on other sites. This will help you earn points and will increase your website’s exposure. The more visitors you drive, your chances of becoming a successful website owner increase. Remember to stay focused and don’t give up!

The higher you are on the ladder, the more hits you’ll receive. In 3 days, you can get an average of 1,022 hits. In addition to getting more traffic to your site, you’ll also gain more subscribers.

It offers member profiles and lists them. Each member has a picture, a short description, links, and recent activities. The program will highlight their profile in the traffic exchange if they upgrade. If visitors click on their ads, they will receive a bonus page. This will help them get more targeted traffic and more profit.

How does the Traffic Ad Bar Service work?

This service works like other traffic exchange sites. Now, you can list your website and earn points by clicking on other members’ banners. Then, this will let you know who clicks on your ads and what they’re looking for. In addition, it will allow you to contact them and ask for more information.

If you want to be rewarded for your ad placement, you must surf other websites. By submitting your site, you earn points, which will increase your credit.\

How to Generate Traffic to Your Website

You’ll receive an email with the link and instructions to your website after signing up. Once on board, you can see who else is advertising the program. This is important since you will want to get the most exposure possible.

You’ll then access the traffic exchange based on a ladder system. As you surf, you earn points, translate them into page position, and hit. This encourages you to surf since you’ll get hits as you step higher on the ladder. There are four membership levels, so you’ll never run out of traffic!

The program works by advertising your website to other members across the Traffic Ad Bar advertising network. You can use it for up to three months without spending a dime. It may be addictive, but it’s true – it’s full of real people and products you can buy and use.

You’ll earn credits by viewing other members’ ads and surfing their sites. Eventually, you’ll raise the level ladder and have more automatic traffic to your site. So, you’ll receive bonus points for clicking the daily email links. Only upgraded members can use banner advertising.

So, you can earn money with the help of Traffic Ad Bar from the comfort of your home! There’s no restriction on how many people you can refer, and you can get a free account with the application.

Share your referral link with colleagues and friends. The system works by rewarding you for referring others. Members can also earn bonus points for clicking on your links.

Similar to other affiliate programs, the program has 17 constantly reset levels. In addition to the ladder, there are bonus points and other rewards. You can exchange these bonuses for hits. The more bonus points you generate, the better.


  • It’s free to sign up and get started.
  • The program gives you extra traffic for up to three months.


  • It requires commitment and time to get results.


In my opinion, I do not think that Traffic Ad Bar is a scam, as they provide real visitors for their members, and you can communicate with real people there; besides, I have searched for Traffic Ad Bar reviews through different websites on the web to make sure if Traffic Ad Bar is considered a scam or legit, and what I have found is that a lot of users say good things about it. Some of them recommend it in their review. However, I am not sure about the efficiency of the hits coming from the extra points.

The Traffic Ad Bar program is a traffic exchange site paying you to view other people’s websites. So, you only pay for the views you receive, and you can get free traffic without any effort.

Its ladder system is different from other traffic exchange systems. The higher you rank, the more likely your website will be seen in daily emails. I would not recommend it, but generally, it seems reasonable and works for those who love promoting things through traffic exchanges. I use the company to find new prospects.

Set a schedule, as it can be compelling to see how many websites/ads you can view. There is a 10-second delay before you click to see the next one.

That’s it for the article.

I hope this information will be helpful to you.

Good luck & Keep learning, guys.

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